Canada Mother’s Day 2024 – Date, Events, Theme

There is a tradition of celebrating Mother’s Day in every country in the world. If we discuss Canada’s Mother’s Day 2024 in this sequence, then I would like to tell you that Mother’s Day in Canada is on the second Sunday of May every year. This year’s Mother’s Day in Canada is on Sunday, May 12, 2024.

In Canada, many people give respect and gratitude to their mothers and maternal figures on Mother’s Day with full devotion and reverence. By the way, I would like to tell you here that Mother’s Day is not a public holiday. Therefore, you should not have any holiday on this day but should wish for reverence and faith towards your mother.

Canada Mother’s Day 2024

Let me tell you that the initial celebration of Mother’s Day started in Canada’s neighboring country, the USA.  Through this entire page, you will be made aware of all the facts related to Mother’s Day in Canada, and along with this, we will also try our best to answer some important questions asked by you here.

Here we will tell you how Mother’s Day started in Canada, what is Mother’s Day, and when is Mother’s Day in Canada. To get all the information about Canada’s Mother’s Day 2024, you need to grab a cup of coffee and get ready to hear all about it.

2024 Canada Mother’s Day Overview

Mother’s day date 12 May 2024
Category  Mother’s day
Mother day is special for Mother 
Day Sunday
Holiday Name  Mothering Sunday
Country Canada

Canada Mother’s Day 2024 Dates

Year 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 2025 2026 2027 2028
Date 12 may 10 may 09 may 08 may 14 may 12 may 11 may 10 may 09 may 14 may


Canada Mother's Day 2024
Canada Mother’s Day 2024


When is Mother’s Day in Canada? 

As we have provided you with the information above, Mother’s Day in Canada will be celebrated with great pomp on the second Sunday of May 2024, and if we also add it as International Mother’s Day, then let us see that in the year 2024, under When is Mother’s Day in Canada?, we would like to tell you that Mother’s Day in Canada is going to be on May 12, 2024.

Through Canada’s Mother’s Day 2024, we usually celebrate small festivals and give gifts to mothers, grandmothers, or other important female figures in the family. When is Mother’s Day in Canada?, we would like to tell you that you should celebrate it on May 12, 2024 only.

Canada Mother’s Day 2024 Events 

Let us inform you that Canada’s Mother’s Day 2024 was started for the first time in the year 1908 in the United States. The credit for celebrating it for the first time goes to Anna Marie Jarvis, who celebrated Mother’s Day for the first time to honor her mother.

It was first made an official holiday in West Virginia on the second Sunday of May in the year 1910, and in 1915 it became an official holiday under the International Canada Mother’s Day 2024 Events. Since then, people have been celebrating it like this here.

Mother’s day Traditions 

On the occasion of Mother’s Day, you also honor your mother and other people like her by following many traditions. And this type of Mother’s Day tradition can prove to be unique for you or a special family. On this coming Sunday, May 12, 2024, you can give your mother rest and do all her work yourself.

Under Mother’s Day traditions, you can give your mother any item made by your own hands or feed her handmade dishes. Under Canada’s Mother’s Day 2024, you can write poems for your mother or give her gifts like flowers and jewelry. You can also take your mother out for dinner.

Canada Mother Day 2024 Holiday 

Mother’s Day is falling on May 12, 2024, in Canada. According to this, there are still 8 days left for Canada Mother’s Day 2024. This day is celebrated by Canadians to celebrate motherhood and honor mother power, which is why many schools and offices observe this day as the Canada Mother Day 2024 holiday.

As far as we talk about business establishments, the shops and restaurants follow their regular opening and closing times. There may be different dates and times for celebrating Mother’s Day across the world, but many countries, including Canada, mostly celebrate Mother’s Day in the month of May.

You can honor motherhood on this day on the occasion of the Canada Mother Day 2024 holiday. It is one such day when it is a day to celebrate the contribution of a mother or all other mothers in one’s life and to society.

Canada Mother’s Day 2024 Theme

This year, May 12, 2024, will be celebrated in honor of the mother all over the world, and that day, Sunday, we know as Mothering Sunday, is a day that celebrates and honors the mother for her love and contribution towards the families.

Salute to that person who taught us love, kindness, and strength—such a mother!

Behind every great person there is a mother’s hand.

Today we all remember you, my mother. Under the Canada Mother’s Day 2024 theme, a mother’s embrace lasts a long time, even after she goes away. Home is where your mother is.

Mother’s Day Celebration in India

  • In India, Mother’s Day will be celebrated with great enthusiasm, loyalty, and reverence on the 
  • second Sunday of May 2024 this year; that is, Mother’s Day is being celebrated on May 12, 2024 this year. 
  • India is the only country where Mother’s Day has a different significance, both culturally and socially. 
  • Just like Canada’s Mother’s Day 2024, in India too, this day is deeply rooted in traditional values. 
  • This day is to recognise the selfless sacrifices made by any mother for her family and a small contribution in return for taking care of her children by nurturing them. 
  • This day is also to recognise and appreciate the role of mothers in society under the Mother’s Day celebration in India. 
  • Canada’s Mother’s Day 2024 is for the woman who gave us the gift of life and love.

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