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In the United Kingdom, a movement called Women Against State Pension Inequality is being mentioned in which women are facing inequality due to the immediate change in the state pension age, so women have demanded justice. Today’s article, WASPI Payment Dates 2024, will provide you with the latest updates on WASPI Women Payment Date 2024 and whatever eligibility criteria have been set to receive payments. 

WASPI Payment Dates 2024 

If you are a woman living in the United Kingdom who was born between the years 1950 and 1960 and you are among those women who have been affected by the sudden increase in the state pension age, which affected your financial income, recently the Parliamentary and Health Care Ombudsman has proposed a compensation amount between 1000 and 2950, although earlier women expected that they would receive compensation up to 10000. 

For your information, let us tell you that after postponing the WASPI Payment Dates 2024, which was earlier proposed for May 30, 2024, it has been extended to July 4, 2024, i.e., before the summer vacation starting on July 23, 2024.

WASPI 2024 Payment Dates Overview 

Article Title  WASPI Payment Dates 2024
Category  UK Government Plans 
Date July 2024
Year 2024
Yojana launch in  1950
Age limit  60 to 65 years old
Country United Kingdom 


Claiming WASPI Compensation 2024

WASPI is a scheme launched in 1950 that works for the interests of thousands of women. The changes in the state pension age in this scheme have had a negative impact. Women have clarified about Claiming WASPI Compensation 2024 that they were not provided with enough information to change retirement plans.

Specific payment dates for the Ombudsman pension under WASPI Payment Dates 2024 have not been clarified yet, but it is likely that they will be released after the election result. About 3.8 million women have been negatively affected by this change in state pension age. 

WASPI Payment Dates 2024
WASPI Payment Dates 2024


WASPI Payment Dates 2024 Latest News 

Once the general results of the United Kingdom are released, the extent to which women get compensation as per the State Pension Inequality Ombudsman provision is affected. WASPI Payment Dates 2024: Latest News According to Labour Party leader, Mr. Brown, he will reintroduce the bill if he is re-elected in the general election. Of the approximately 3.8 million women affected by the change in the state pension age, around 3.5 million are those who were born in the 1950s.

Eligibility criteria 

The information given by the Department of Work and Pensions of the United Kingdom on the amount of compensation mentions that the compensation to be given to women can be between £1000 and £2590. When WASPI Payment Date 2024 comes out, the campaigner is recommending giving assistance of about 10,000 pounds to each woman. 

However, till now, the number of women who will be considered eligible for compensation is also not clear. But here we have received you. According to the update report, it is clearly mentioned that despite the eligibility criteria, about 99000 women are yet to get compensation as a result of a lack of government communication regarding the change in the state pension age. 

WASPI Compensation Amount 2024 

Eligibility Women’s State Pension Inequality Ombudsman The criteria that women have to meet to prove their eligibility for pension compensation have been clearly explained here. First of all, under WASPI Compensation Amount 2024 Eligibility, the date of birth of women should be between April 6, 1950, and April 5, 1960. 

However, women of any age before or after this will not be considered eligible for Lokpal pension compensation. The age limit for female applicants who are ready to apply for this should be between 60 and 65 years old. And such women will also be considered eligible under this scheme if they have been punished financially and emotionally as a result of the change in the state pension age.

How To Apply for WASPI Compensation 

  1. First of all, applicants must contact the Labour and Pension Department to get the specific criteria and claim form. 
  2. You should also collect all the documents, which include your date of birth and the effect of your increased pension age. 
  3. After that, you should fill out the compensation claim form with reference to your question, How to Apply for WASPI Compensation. 
  4. In which all the required information should be included by you. 
  5. To submit your claim, you should fill out the form, file a complaint by following the guidelines given by the Labour and Pensions Department, and finally click on the submit option.

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