TFSA Contribution Limit 2024 – by Year, by Chart,Withdrawal Rules

The information we are providing you today is for those who have opened or are considering opening a tax-free savings account. So here we are going to tell you who is eligible for TFSA Contribution Limit 2024, what are the contribution limits and the possible tax situations, and what happens in case of a transfer on the breakup of a relationship or the death of the tax-free savings account holder.

You are going to get such information here today, for which you will have to come with us in this article from beginning to end.

TFSA Contribution Limit 2024 

It is being received in the information that the TFSA dollar limit has been fixed at $7,000 for the year 2024. As it has been made clear to all of you, the annual dollar limit is indexed according to inflation. The Tax-Free Savings Account programme was started in 2009. This programme was primarily designed for people 18 years of age or older who have a valid social insurance number.

TFSA Contribution Limit 2024 Contributions are not deductible for income tax purposes. Let us make it clear to you that any administrative or other fees and any interest on the money borrowed to contribute to a tax-free savings account are not tax-deductible.

2024 TFSA Contribution Limit PDF Overview

Article Title  TFSA Contribution Limit 2024
TFSA Dollar limit 7000 dollar
Year 2024
RRSP Contribution Limit  29 Feb 2024
Country Canada
Age limit  Max 18 year or more

TFSA Contribution 2024

If you are also a Canadian citizen who has a legal social insurance number of your own and your age limit is 18 years or more, then according to TFSA Contribution 2024, only then are you counted in the category of eligible candidates to open a tax-free savings account.

On the contrary, if you are a non-resident, then any contribution made by you is subject to one percent tax for each month contributed to the account. And for the same TFSA contribution in 2024, let us tell you that if you are under 18 years of age, then you are not entitled to open a tax-free savings account; that is, you cannot contribute to it at all.


TFSA Contribution Limit 2024
TFSA Contribution Limit 2024


According to TFSA Contribution Limit 2024, only when you turn 18 are you able to open this tax-free savings account, i.e., contribute up to the tax-free savings account dollar limit.

CRA TFSA Contribution Room

When it comes to the CRA TFSA Contribution Room, it is very important for you to know about it. Your TFSA Contribution Room is the maximum amount you can contribute for TFSA Contribution Limit 2024. Keep in mind that you must have a legal social insurance number before your tax-free savings account contribution is acceptable.

For example, if you turn 18 after the year 2024, then your CRA TFSA Contribution Room starts from the year you turn 18, and when you turn 18, your Tax Free Savings Account Number contribution is deposited at an interval of every year after that year.

TFSA Contribution Limit By Year

Year 2024 2023 2019 to 2022 2016 to 2018 2015 2013 and 2014 2009 to 2015
TFSA Dollar Limit $ 7000 $ 6500 $ 6000 $ 5500 $ 10,000 $ 5500 $ 5000

TFSA Withdrawal Rules

If you have a tax-free savings account, then the issuer has to send a TFSA record to each person by the last day of February of the following year under the TFSA Withdrawal Rules, and if you disagree with any information in your TFSA room statement or any transaction summary in this regard, then for this you should meet the tax-free savings account issuer, and if the issuer has initially given any wrong information about your account, then according to the TFSA Withdrawal Rules, the issuer should give a revised record so that you can update your record.

TFSA Contribution Limit by Chart

If seen mainly, the investments that are issued for tax-free savings accounts are only those that are under the RRSP, i.e., the Registered Retirement Savings Scheme. According to the information in the TFSA Contribution Limit by Chart, these include the following types: cash guarantee improvements, investment certificates, bonds, mutual funds, securities listed on specified stock exchanges, etc.

Under the TFSA Contribution Limit 2024, you also have the possibility of a loss in the principal investment you have made in your tax-free savings account. This means that any investment loss made in your tax-free savings account cannot be considered a withdrawal. This is why it is not a part of your tax-free savings account contribution limit under the TFSA Contribution Limit by Chart. For your information, let us tell you that the deadline for RRSP contributions for the 2023 tax year is February 29, 2024. This means that if you make any contribution after this date, it will fall under the 2024 tax year.

How To Open TFSA? 

You can undoubtedly have a tax-free savings account, but for this, you have to follow the guidelines mentioned in this article. In response to your question, How to Open TFSA? Let me tell you that if you want to open your TFSA, then you have to do two things. First of all, you have to establish contact with your nearest financial institution, credit union, or any other insurance company.

Under the TFSA Contribution Limit 2024, your social insurance number and date of birth may be requested by the issuer so that you can easily register for TFSA. For this, any other supporting document may also be demanded by the issuer. Along with the TFSA Contribution Limit 2024, you can now also check the Tax-Free Savings Account Transaction Summary online.

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