SASSA SRD R350 Changes 2024 – Grant increase, Transformation Update

An unprecedented decision has been taken by the government of South Africa, and the main objective of this decision is to improve the administration and distribution of payments. The Government of South Africa has included new rules of grant for all the citizens of the country in the form of a new series.

Many SASSA SRD R350 Changes 2024 have been brought into existence. Under this programme started by the government, the government has ensured that every citizen gets the benefit of SASSA SRD R350. To receive SASSA SRD R350 Changes 2024 directly in your bank accounts, you need to get information about the eligibility conditions stated by the government.

SASSA SRD R350 Changes 2024 

This series has been started by the Minister of Social Development of the Government of South Africa, Lindiwe Zulu, with the aim of giving benefits to the suffering citizens living in Africa. Many new rules have been established by the government, including those who receive payments by mistake in the country.

Lindiwe Zulu has clarified that only those citizens who meet the requirements will be considered eligible. The beneficiaries will receive the SASSA SRD R350 Changes 2024 benefit directly into their bank accounts. The government has done this so that the money does not go into the hands of any ineligible or unaffected citizen.

SASSA Status Check For SRD R350 2024

Authority  South African Social Security Agency
Amount R350
Place South Africa 
Payment date First week of June 2024
Frequency  Monthly 
Benefits name Social Relief of distress
Official website


SASSA SRD R350 Changes 2024 
SASSA SRD R350 Changes 2024


SASSA SRD R350 Changes 2024 New Updates

Citizens of the country who have received approval for SASSA SRD R350 Changes 2024 will have to keep themselves updated according to this change from the government. Keeping yourself updated means that if you are registered with the authorities and you have changed your address or bank account details, then you must inform the department about your information for future grants.

According to SASSA SRD R350 Changes 2024 New Updates, the decision by the South African authorities states that citizens should consider it necessary to provide their information within 90 days of approval.

SASSA SRD R350 Changes the 2024 Duty of Citizens

According to the information, every citizen of South Africa will have to provide information about SASSA SRD R350 Changes 2024 Updates to the department. A new rule has been passed by the South African government in which the main responsibility of the agency will be to find a qualified candidate, and the qualified candidate should have an active current mobile number and an active current bank account number.

SASSA SRD R350 Changes 2024 Duty of Citizens is also to provide the correct mobile number and bank account number. The agency will not be responsible for any kind of deficiency. As per SASSA SRD R350 Changes 2024, every citizen will need to verify that in order to receive the grant, he should provide his banking details, IFSC code, and linked identity proof to the agency on time and correctly.

Tackling Incorrect SRD R350 Payments

The update given to you in this article is mainly related to the government’s intention to recover money from ineligible citizens. The Social Development Minister of the South African Government has clarified that if any citizen receives this grant programme by stake, Then the agents have the full right to recover the tackling of incorrect SRD R350 payments from the ineligible citizens. Provided the person is not eligible for the grant. According to SASSA SRD R350 Changes 2024, ineligible beneficiaries include those who were not affected during the COVID-19 pandemic.

That is, this step of the government will help in getting the right payment and will provide financial assistance to only those citizens who were actually affected by COVID-19 and who really need the Tackling Incorrect SRD R350 Payments.

Update on SASSA SRD Grant Increase for 2024

Anudan Month  May 2024 June 2024 July 2024 August 2024  September 2024 October 2024 November 2024 December 2024
Grant date for handicapped  6 5 5 3 6 4 3 4
Grant date for children 7 6 6 4 7 5 6 5
Grant date for old persons  3 2 4 2 5 3 2 1


SASSA SRD R350 Transformation 2024 Update

If you are also an eligible citizen of South Africa who wants to receive the benefits of this programme, then you must provide updated and accurate information, including your correct mobile number, bank account, and linked identity proof, to avoid disruption in your payment.

Under the SASSA SRD R350 Transformation 2024 Update, let us tell you that for the first time since its inception in the year 2020, the SASSA SRD R350 grant amount is being increased in June 2024. And its main objective is to better meet the daily needs of the citizens.

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