We are living in a highly competitive and challenging environment where in every individual is trying to show his or her capabilities to compare with the world. This is only possible with high quality education & system we are going to provide the students and institutions. For this purpose we have started state of the art assessment system with zero tolerance policy that will help the institutions to admit students and recruit employees in their respective field. The faculty staff and I recognize your desire, in the education sector, to select students, through automated assessment system. Who have the potential to take up challenging professions and play effective role in the society? The guarantee of a high quality assessment and training is our main priority. The effectiveness of our learning process is achieved through practical training, attracting recognized industry. In addition we recognize that experience in a important component of a high-quality education and jobs in pakistan || 2023.

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Admission Tests

NTPC PK provide evidence-based admission tests services to support selection of students in the education sector. We usually provide services at door step for jobs in pakistan.

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We are committed to providing quality, accredited, career-focused education to all students in various ranges. The diverse curriculum is designed to prepare.


NTPC PK offers assessment-training opportunities led by a distinguished faculty of assessment experts. Training is teaching, or developing in oneself


NTPC PK has full-time employees,and with a pool of trained, highly qualified technical/human resource at our disposal for test administration and invigilation to meet the growing challenges of testing and assessment in the country.

NTPC PK has its head office in Karachi and provincial offices in , Lahore, Islamabad Quetta, AJK, Gilgit Baltistan and Peshawar, which are all responsible for carrying out an entire business independently.