IND vs SA T20 WC Final Rain Rules 2024, Reserve Day, What Are Rain Rules?

The final match is to start today. On one hand India and on the other hand South Africa. Both the teams are ready to get their trophy of the final but who will win the trophy the time will tell them. On the other hand, in Barbados where the match is to be held, the fans are discussing the weather. Because if the rain happens then the rules will change for the match. 

IND vs SA T20 WC Final Rain Rules

The big game that happens on Saturday is India versus South Africa and this just feels like such a relief to see India there because there were so many not just the way it was on the shoulder for Indian fans. South Africa and their history that they have with semifinals, so it is good to see that both South Africa and India are there. The winner this time is going to be undefeated through and through in the journey which makes a perfect setting for the finals. 

Both these teams have been consistent in finding ways to win matches writes about the tournament. Both these teams when you are looking at on paper,  they both are very strong teams and India may be having that experience that South Africa will be feeling that pressure at some stages in the game. However no matter what because this is their first final you know so that pressure is always going to be there.

IND vs SA T20 WC Final Rain Rules Overview 

March  IND Vs SA 
Year  2024 
Category  Sports
Date  29 June 2024 
Day  Saturday 
Place  Barbados


Barbados Weather Forecast 

First we will see about Barbados and their weather. Whether the rain will come or not and if the rain will happen then what will be the rules. As per the weather department and their analysis, at the local time of 10:00 a.m. the match will start. As per weather we can see monsoon at 10 a.m. at 11 a.m. the rain is 25% and at 12:00 a.m. the rain is 30%. Around 1:00 pm the rain is 30%. Around 2:00 p.m. rain is 31% and 4:00 p.m. rain is 40%. So in this duration vacancy the chances of rain is not too high around 20 to 40%. 


IND vs SA T20 WC Final Rain Rules
IND vs SA T20 WC Final Rain Rules


IND vs SA T20 Final Rain Rules 

So in this duration if there is rain then there will be no more chances of bad weather. It will not affect the match. And if there will be rain then the ground will dry. There is no more probability of rain and not to worry about the bad weather. But it is important to see the weather, because we have already seen in the semi final 2 that India had no reserve day. But in the final match there is a reserve today. 

IND vs SA T20 WC Final Rain Rules Reserved Day 

So if any bad weather comes then the match will be tomorrow but rules will be the same. Secondary minimum 10 over playing his compulsory match in this match. For the final there is a timing of 190 minutes meaning there is a total time of more than 3 hours of extra time. Total time of match will include 3 hours extra timing but if the match will not happen due to bad weather or less than 10 over then a match will happen on the reserve day. It is compulsory to use the reserve today if the match does not happen. 

IND vs SA T20 WC Final Whether 

If on the first day any situation comes which is not in the favour of the match then the reserved day will be used by them. So overall there is no chance of rain today, and if there is weather then the reserve day will be taken as a day to complete the match. 

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